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Lectio Divina

@here Group Lectio Divina starting at 11:15 in Lectio Divina voice channel. You can find the procedures on the following site http://www.arxveritatis.com/wiki/index.php/Group_Lectio_Divina. The room will be locked after 5 minutes to provide a sacred space, so you must be there at the beginning to participate.


@here We're going to have a reading of Ecclesiastes in 10 minutes. Join us in the Book Club channel:

You can find the resources in the site below. We're starting at verse 10 http://www.arxveritatis.com/wiki/index.php/Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is part of the canonical Wisdom literature of the Old Testament. We're going to try and match up the translations into the languages of the participants and contextualize them in a group setting. (You're welcome to join if you did not participate in previous discussions!)

Tao te Ching


@here We're having a playthrough of the puzzle game Riven. The intention is to get an insight in collective sensemaking/experience. More information: http://www.arxveritatis.com/wiki/index.php/Riven Join us in: