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Welcome to the Realizing Relevance Community! We have a discord server, youtube videos and various web resources and a ton of information available for you to engage with!

Please watch the introductory video to our discord.


A lay of the land

We have a diverse group of people engaging on the discord.
There are people of every age and timezone.
People are really eager to help you out if you're experiencing any difficulty.
If you find that you're out of your dept reach out to someone so they can act as your mentor or connect you to someone who will do so instead.

We have set up our discord in categories so we're able to chat about stuff in their assigned channels, you can find them in the Discord Layout.
Than there is the voice channels that are split up between a part that is focused on the Ecology of Practices (Sangha).
And the voice interaction that is related organized events on the discord server or just hanging out.

When first joining a channel it is important to get a lay of the land. You can get an idea of how to participate in our Guide to engagement on Voice Chat.


We offer engagement in the following topics:

Awakening from the Meaning Crisis (Series)
Ecology of Practices (Sangha)
Guest Speakers
Religion that is not a Religion
I suffer from the Meaning Crisis


You can track our events on our Calendar.

Open Calendar

Discord Layout

Description and page needs to be updated.
Discord Layout
Discord Rules
Push Messages