Ecology of Practices (Sangha)

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Rules of the Sangha

In order to facilitate ritualistic engagement in the Sanga we've set up a set of rules of engagement for the Sangha related channels. We do this in order to preserve a sense of Sacredness and to facilitate a proper relationship to the practices.

Psycho Technologies

To Participate in the Sanga you will have to make a selection of Psycho Technologies that you will practice they can be found on the Psycho Technologies Page. You can join through the Sanga with fellow practitioners to

8:30 EST Yoga practice

9:30 EST Sit

We will have a continuation of the tradition set in by Vervaeke to meet every day for a meditative practice. We will put on a video

4:00 Est Pre mediation moving practice

Alexi organizes Tai Chi We have organized Yoga video practice.

5:00 EST Sit

In the evening we perform a full set of the thought practices that is guided by this video. Afterwards we gather to discuss our sits.