Discord Rules

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  1. Be civil and friendly. This is a discord about helping one another cultivate meaning and wisdom. Treat each other with respect.
  2. Use headphones in voice chat. Not using headphones can sometimes lead to an echo which is annoying to people listening.
  3. Mute your mic if you are not speaking.
  4. Do not interrupt people in voice chat. Allow them to finish speaking before jumping in.
  5. Respect privacy: do not doxx or share other people’s personal details, photos, or voice recordings. Do not post DMs publicly without permission.
  6. Do not record voice calls except in the "Recording Permitted" voice channels.
  7. No NSFW material: this includes porn, gore or other explicit sexual content. Please keep this forum safe for work.
  8. No trolling or harassment.
  9. Do not violently threaten, personally attack, or maliciously insult anyone. This includes telling people to “kill themselves”.
  10. Do not spam your own sites/discords. You may promote your own content in the #share-your-content channel or other links in the #misc-links channel.

If you have serious concerns about the behaviour of another member please direct message a @Moderator or an @Admin or @PleasureOfDoubt (Brett) (Please don't DM John!) .

Bans and temp bans will be subject to moderator discretion. Minor breaches of the rules may result in a warning or temp ban. Major breaches will result in permanent ban.