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Glossary Committee

Help us create as complete and detailed a Meaning Crisis glossary as we can!

RTNAR Committee

A group dedicated to working out what a Religion that’s not a Religion (RTNAR) might look like.

Ritual Committee

Rituals are “serious play” that play an important role in developing our perspectival, participatory and procedural knowledge. Help us design and experiment with ritual in the pursuit of cultivating insight and wisdom.

Mythos Committee

Can we create new myths, parables, wisdom tales? Let’s bring together writers, philosophers, and artists to try.

Song Writing Committee

Let’s write some meaning-crisis related songs together.

Please note that if you are not interested in certain categories you can collapse and/or mute them so you won’t get notifications on them.

Voice Channels

Voice Chat

Voice Chat is for general discussion.

Ritual Hall

This is where we practice and develop our AftMC rituals. Let’s engage in “serious play” together and enact/embody the traits we want to cultivate!

Dance Hall

Join us for our Ecstatic Dance parties where we let our bodies flow and meditate to the music. Check the calendar for scheduled dances but we also sometimes just start them spontaneously.

Meditation Hall

Join our sangha for movement exercises and meditation every day. During the week we sit along with John’s Meditating with Vervaeke youtube meditation course. On weekends we do a longer sit.

The Meditation Hall is also available for you to use anytime you want to meditate with others. Plan to meet as a group or just go in the channel, turn your camera on and start your mediation. Others may join you.

If you wish, you may share you screen and put up a message indicating how long you are planning to sit for. Indicate the time you started and your intended stop time so people can know not to disturb you or decide to join in.

Event Hall

The event hall is where we hold our Q&As and other special events. Please note that many events are recorded to be uploaded on our Youtube Channel. Please queue up questions for Q&As in the #event-text

Dining Hall

Join us Friday nights at 7:00 PM ET to eat together as a group.

Feel free to eat with others at any time though. Foster the communitas!


Imagine yourselves sitting on logs around a burning bonfire. This is the place for chill, relaxed discussion. Feel free to play some music with the Groovy Bot!

Book Club

Currently we are meeting Saturdays at 2:00 PM ET to read and discuss the Tao Te Ching.

We will be starting a Plato Book Club shortly.


Here’s where you can discuss all things John Vervaeke! This is a good place for people to ask questions about concepts or ideas brought up in the lectures and videos.

Religion that’s not a Religion:

These channels are geared at serious discussion about what a possible Religion that’s not a Religion (RTNAR) could look like.

These channels pre-suppose a certain familiarity with John’s work. Preferably you will have listened to the entire Awakening from the Meaning Crisis Youtube series and regularly follow John’s work.

Members who are less familiar with John’s work are still welcome to explore the RTNAR in the Vervaeke section.


These channels are for discussion of all things psychotechnology related. Beginner and advanced discussions/questions welcome!


If you want to post links to your own content, whether related to the meaning crisis or not, feel free to do this in #share-your-content. Note: this is for members to post their work, not for spam. If your only contribution to the discord is to post in this channel your posts may be removed.