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Whenever you pick up a project make sure you link it [[Wiki Page | Project description]] and add your name to it if want.

Welcome Page on wiki

  1. Manuel

how did you find us?
What are you interested in?

general conversation

Introduction video - hosted on youtube/vimeo/bitchute, etc.
Types of users - how to use voice chat, how to interface with channels, how to interface with meditation, list of philosophical channels, etc.
Introductory videos for individuals
Bot for welcoming users

  1. Brett

Content for message of the day (perhaps Vervaeke terminology with definition)
Meditation Q&A rollup

  1. Ben ?

Lets list out the items we think we can add to what we are doing today

  • Plato Reading
  • Video watch part
  • Ted Talks on topics with Q&A (Like Nick did for us)
  • Group Myst play
  • Meditation rotation videos - walking chanting silent, standing, chanting silent, core four only, etc. - Manuel
  • quote bot - monthly, weekly, daily quotes - Joe HMS
  • emoticons - Frost Muffin - Completed
  • stats - Mark, JoeHMS