Why do we care about the 4 Ps?

A good question. Our model is different from the model John Vervaeke puts forth because we started this quest by trying to reverse engineer the meaning crisis. Our view is purely practical in nature and we need a model that will allow us to act in the world. Since we had some idea of how these things might have come about, we needed a model that would accommodate an approach that fit the hypothesis about what the meaning crisis actually is.

To that end, we used a signalling paradigm to relate to what we think is going on to a set of components which would allow some level of manipulation.  Thus, our model is all about understanding the meaning crisis in terms that intersect psychologically and practically.

Having said all of this, the 4 types of knowing, for us, is a small (but key) part of our overall approach and work product. We hope to be sharing more about the intersection of the 4P model with hypothesis around various ways of addressing the meaning crisis as we relate this work to our larger body of work.

If you are looking for a slide outlining the model, please go here:

Meaning Community 4 Types of Knowing

Thank you for your interest, I hope this providing some insight into our motives, methods and goal.